3 Week PPL


07831 517428

Derek Davidson
A Flight Instructor & Examiner For 50 Years

Airport – Bournemouth International


I specialize in short course training. You will have a dedicated instructor and aircraft for your training. Nobody else will be here while you are. It may not unique but I bet it’s very close to it.

You can choose between, full time 3 week PPL, start to finish,
plus 5 full days dedicated Ground School, to pass the written exams or – one full day a week – your private pilots licence will take about 6 months.

Pay as you learn

Accommodation in Christchurch Dorset if required.

Advice a pleasure.
Telephone me day or evening 07831 517428
Email flyderek@hotmail.co.uk

45 hours in 3 weeks

I try to start with a bacon sandwich in the morning and a pre-flight chat about our aims that morning, then fly for about a hour and a half, have lunch and a brief.  Fly for another one and half hours and finish
by about 4 PM. We will comfortably achieve 3 or 4 hours a day. This means that you will complete the 45 hours required within 3 weeks, doing 5 day weeks (weekends off).


This is a proper airfield with radar, ILS and all the bells and whistles, so recovery is not a problem. We do around 10 3 week PPLs per year and I have never failed due to the weather.

Non intensive course

Alternatively, one full day a week is an excellent, enjoyable and comfortable way to learn to fly. Your PPL would take approximately 6 months.

Contact Derek 07831517428 day or evening to discuss the best course for you.