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Authorised instructor/examiner for ground school training
Over 40 years teaching
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Thank you for inquiring about ground school and the taking of EASA PPL or NPPL theoretical exams. Perhaps I should explain that I am a CAA instructor/examiner for ground exams and RT practical training. I now specialise in ground school training courses for the issues of EASA PPL(A), PPL(H), NPPL and IMC ratings.

All of my flying life has been spent teaching ordinary folk to pass their flying exams. I remember, myself leaving school at 14 having quite a struggle to get all the information crammed in my head and keeping in there long enough to take the writtens! I think that experience has given me the patience to understand how to teach in a patient and logical way. Don’t worry if you think you will find it hard to learn, it’s what I do, I don’t get the “Rocket Scientists””!

Nowadays is added the pressure of a demanding working life, leaving little time and energy for study. Don’t worry, all I need from you is that you really want to do it, that’s all.

I teach on subject at a time. For example, we would start Law on the first morning and work completely through the book. Then, at tea time, you could do the exam. In the evening we would like you to read a little about Human Performance, and the next morning we would go right through the subject, taking the exam after lunch and so on. You will be amazed how interesting it can become and how much you can enjoy learning, particularly away from the pressures of normal life.

If you can read a little about the subjects before you come, that will make your week a little easier. I do not expect you to come here knowing the subject. I teach it, just get used to the language and talk with your instructor about useful CAA publications, to download and read.

I have listed below and overleaf the costs involved in passing all your exams, remember I don’t mind how much I have to help you, I will teach you until you know it. Perversely, the harder people find a subject, the greater joy in passing ……. life is a great leveler!!

Ground School Prices

All exams on passing …………. £89.00 each (pay as you go)*

* there is an administration charge of £10 on each exam passed

Navigation equipment is required, map, ruler, protractor and computer, marker pens; please bring these with you, or you can buy here.

Payment is by cash or cheque (we regret we do not accept credit cards or debit cards)

You pay nothing until the exam is passed

At the end of the week or day, you will receive a completed EASA or NPPL application form to take back to your school and payment is only required on completion. Remember you must pass all nine written exams within an eighteen month period and then you must complete your flying course within 2 years of your last exam.

Go back to your family and your school, and then get on with your life!! And your flying

It is obViously better if you can get all your exams sorted in one go, but you can, if work gets in the way, do it in any modules you like. You are welcome to come for one day, two days etc what ever suits your working or domestic circumstances.

Please note RT practical is not a requirement for your PPL issue, But I can do it on any Saturday, but only if your school does not have an examiner. Price is the same as the others.

Frankly, to do all nine written subjects will take a full 5 days and can be done in one stay or in modules if you prefer. A telephone call early morning or evening to my mobile 07831517248 is all you need to do to find out more or to book your course with me and we can talk about some dates that are suitable for you. At this time, I can explain exactly where to find me near Bournemouth international Airport.

I have attached details of recommended B&Bs and if you say that you are going to see Derek, I am sure they will look after you. Or of course, you can sort out accommodation yourself.

Finally don’t worry, I will make sure you laugh more than you cry, you are not here to prove anything, it’s me who has to do that! The idea is for you to come and have an enjoyable, fruitful week and to tell your school that you enjoyed what I did for you, then maybe they will recommend others.

Please note I do not have credit or debit card facilities. Cash or cheques or part/part will do. A cash machine exists just up the road.

If you have difficulty phoning, please leave a TEXT and I will phone you back



Look I’ve been teaching flying for decades, and still do. That’s one reason I can sit you down for 5 days and tech you all 9 subjects. The only advantages of being 80 years old is that you are good at what you do, and that’s another reason. Most important of all is I talk to you all day on the subject and then at the end of the day,you sit the exam, quick! Before you’ve forgotten it.
I could teach you more in 10 minutes than you could learn in 25 years (I exaggerate a bit!) watching television (sorry CD-ROM).
Let me give you an example. Mean and women spend 1 hour or more on the train going to London, those people read the telegraph on the times, and watch TV at home about Iraq (could you even spell it?) for about 25 years, but if I asked them what countries
immediately surround it, they would really have a clue.
Let me sit them down in front of the whiteboard, nice cup of coffee, now listen for 10 minutes, that’s a long time.

Now they (and perhaps even you) after 10 minutes would say “SHUT UP”, I know that now.

Its how I deal with engine, law etc. For instance, did you know that a student could fly IFR on his first solo X country. Did you know that IFR has absolutely nothing to do with the weather its VFR that is to do with that.

Listen I could go on all day, I just wanted to make the point, that given the chance, I can make things clear, brush away the myths, and hopefully entertain you.


You lose about 150 RPM at the hold when you Earth one magneto, because you stop one sparking plug working, the result of that is a lopsided ignition of the gas (petrol and air) so it is obviously not so efficient. It doesn’t happen with your car, the plug is in the middle. How many times have you done the mag checks, have you learnt something in 1 minute?

Please phone or email (but include your postal address). I still put things in envelopes and stick stamps on it, and I will send you my little pack, which tells you basically how wonderful I am, prices and some suggested band B.

Remember you don’t have to come for 5 days, you can come for one days for one subject just as you wish.

Come down and when you finish I sign up the official jar/cab from to take back to your club, go home to take your wife and family.