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You Just won’t Believe It

NPPL Microlight Licence?

Additional Aeroplane Rating

You can now complete a 3 day course with us, comprising of 5 hours flight, plus a navigation and general flight test, and two aircraft technical written exams.

At the end of the 3 day course you will be able to hire or own any single engine piston aircraft up to two tonnes with a maximum of 4 seats any where in the UK.

To remove these restrictions all you need to do is complete a CAA form, applying for a LAPL (light aircraft pilot licence) which will remove the UK restrictions.

The CAA will also need a LAPL medical obtainable from a CAA AME, and not quite as difficult as the standard CAA Class 2 medical. No further training will be required.

If you require a RT(VHF) licence, NOT mandatory, you should allow 1 extra day for that

I have enclosed the price list, which is a quotation NOT an estimate.

Price List NPPL Aeroplane

Remember this does not replace your Micro rating, that you keep it is simply a new added rating.

Flying to the rating
Approx 6 hours (normally achievable)

1 day ground school to include
2 written exams

Landing fees at Bournemouth International
plus circuits as required at Sandown 1.0.W or Old Sarum
approx. £100.00

Test fee to include all the admin to apply for the rating. When you leave here you need only to put in to the post box

Landing fee discount for multiple Bth landing

Total £1398.00

If required Radio Telephony Licence
Course for the theory and practical

* Only £118.00 if you have already completed the written exam in the previous 2 years