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IMC IR/R Rating
Basically your IMC Rating will take a total of 6 days to include 1 day for the ground school and exam.

It will include landing away at several major airports in addition to Bournemouth, and will include Southend, Coventry, Exeter and Cardiff, using ILS or ADF at those airfields. Unfortunately an instrument approach at these airfields can cost as much as £30 ish, but it is my view, if your going to do an IMC Rating, then be confident with the radio and procedures, into major airports.

Our hourly rate is £189 and the course is a maximum of 15 hour. The flight test duration a maximum of 1.4 hours is extra to the above.

When your Rating comes back from Gatwick it will include an IRR Rating, allowing you to fly IMC in 26 European countries, and in their associated airways, making planning so much easier.

Look, your Rating will change your recreational licence to ones that make it possible and legal to safely commute.

You can complete it in one complete week or in odd days or units to suit yourself.

Feel free to phone me anytime with any questions you may still have.